womentor mentors for women in business

Welcome to the WomentorSM Group, authors of “The Womentor Guide, Leadership for the New Millennium.” Our organization guides women in reclaiming their rightful roles as mentors. It is well known that the word “mentor” comes from the character Mentor who in Homer's The Odyssey helped the son of Odysseus fight for leadership during his father's absence. What is less well known is that the mask of the older male confidante that Mentor assumed was necessary to hide “his” real identity - the goddess Athena.

It is Athena who comes down from Olympus to guide the young prince, assuming a voice and demeanor that will be heeded in ancient Ithaca. Today, twenty-eight centuries later, we argue that the masculine persona is no longer necessary in becoming a mentor or a leader. A woman, listening to the Athena within, can be initiated into the secrets of success, and - in her own voice and identity - rise to leadership in her organization.

Join us for your personal odyssey to leadership - and let Athena be your guide.

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