About the Authors

Paula Greenfield Washington, Ph.D. is the President and Managing Partner of The WomentorSM Group, LLC. Dr. Washington was awarded one of the first two Ph.D.s in Women's Studies in 1995 from Emory University, and has taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses for the Department of Women's Studies at Emory.

On March 18, 2017, Dr. Washington was awarded the OUTSTANDING ALUMNA AWARD at the 100 YEARS OF WOMEN OF EXCELLENCE Celebration and Awards Dinner, celebrating 100 Years of Women at Emory. This prestigious award was presented by the Emory Alumni Association and the Center for Women at Emory.

Dr. Washington also served as a research fellow with the Center for Leadership and Career Studies at the Goizueta Business School as well as on Emory's Commission on the Status of Women and the President's Advisory Committee on the Emory Women's Center. She was also appointed one of the first Dean's Teaching Fellows. Dr. Washington served as Chair of the Center for Women at Emory from 2003-2004. Dr. Washington recently served (2009-2011) on Emory University's Board of Visitors. She also currently provides consulting and training to the Laney Graduate School and Emory Alumni Association's Pilot (2011) Alumni Mentor Program. She will continue to serve as consultant and trainer for the Program in future years. Dr. Washington was selected to serve (2011) on the Emory Alumni Board (EAB), an advisory board with working committees which partners with and oversees the activities of the Emory Alumni Association (EAA), and has just accepted an additional two-year term. Dr. Washington will serve during her new two-year appointment as the Board's liaison to Emory's Dissent, Protest and Community Task Force.

In 2011, Dr. Washington was selected as one of Emory University's 175 HISTORYMAKERS. This honor is a part of Emory's 175 year celebration, and has been given to 175 Emory HISTORYMAKERS for their contributions and leadership in assisting Emory University develop and implement its overall vision and mission to ensure its continued example of a vision for our world where we are all inquiry-driven, ethically engaged and committed to working collaboratively for constant positive transformation.

Dr. Washington's numerous papers and publications include: "Who Cares Who's the Boss: Gender and Leadership in Corporate America"; "Feminism Embracing Diversity"; and "CEO Leadership Style and Its Relationship to Corporate Culture". Prior to completing her doctorate at Emory University, Dr. Washington spent over 15 years in private and public sector service.

She was Special Assistant in the Carter Administration to former Secretary of Labor, Alexis Herman and co-authored Voices for Women for the Women's Bureau's 60th Anniversary Celebration. After the Carter Administration, Dr. Washington joined a labor relations consulting firm and was a lead negotiator in the historic Operation Push/Coca-Cola Reciprocity Agreement that provided jobs and contracts to minority and women-owned businesses. She also developed the strategic diversity participation plan for MARTA's expansion in Atlanta.

Dr. Washington also holds an MBA in Marketing and a BA in Political Science from the University of Texas at Austin. She served as Assistant Director of the Center for Human Resources at the University of Texas, a nationally acclaimed labor market research center founded by former Secretary of Labor, Ray Marshall. She also co-authored Stepping Up: Placing Minority Women into Management and Professional Jobs, a book based on a pilot demonstration project that placed over 1500 minority women in managerial, professional and technical occupations in companies that had previously employed no minority women in those positions.

Dr. Washington is also the Owner of EWA Beverage Group, Inc. and Edward Washington & Associates, Inc.

Diane Scott Brockington is the Vice President of The WomentorSM Group. She is also the author and editor of a number of children's books published in the educational series K-12 by Storyteller's Ink. She holds an MA in English and has taught literature and writing at the college level for the past twenty seven years. Her administrative experience includes Acting Dean and instructional coordinator at Elgin Community College where she instituted seminars and workshops based on Tom Peter's In Search of Excellence and wrote the training manual for new instructors, The Fifty Minute Mentor.

Paula and Diane co-founded The WomentorSM Group in 1998. The WomentorSM Guide: Leadership for the New Millennium is their first collaboration. Their second book, The Eckerd 100 Salute to Women: A Guidebook for Community Involvement, published in June 1999, celebrates the 100th birthday of the Eckerd Corporation by telling the stories of 100 incredible behind-the-scenes' women who have made a lasting difference in their communities.