A hand rises tentatively from the middle of the audience. 
“Yes? In the blue?”
“Thank you for taking my question.”   The voice quavers, hesitating.  “I . . . Over the years, I've read these books, I've been to workshops like this.  I've followed the advice.  It has helped--but not enough.  I'm still not where I want to be.”  
The voice gains strength. 
“The one rule I have never been able to follow is the commandment:   Find a Mentor.  How?  Who?  I think the math is all wrong,” the woman says, appealing to those around her.  “There are dozens of us trying to find a mentor in my organization alone and only a few at the top who are in any position to help.”  
The voice becomes a cry.  “Where do I find my mentor?”  
The question hangs in the air.  
Nodding faces turn from the questioner to the front of the room.  Where do I find a mentor? 

The WomentorSM Guide: Leadership for the New Millennium is devoted to helping women become their own mentors, track their own paths to success, discover the shortcuts, and blaze trails--on their own. 

This book argues that women can discover the “womentor” within and mentor themselves in two key ways that will help them become successful leaders in their organizations.  One, by learning to recognize and understand different organizational cultures.  And, two, by learning which attributes of leadership are valued in each culture. 

The strategies outlined in the book are applicable for a woman at any level who seeks leadership either in an organization or in starting her own business.  Through the book's worksheets, questionnaires, checklists and personal stories, the reader is guided in the process of “womentoring.”

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